We exist to provide, promote, and advocate energy conservation.


The Sustainable Living Education Center was a partnership between the Association of Energy Conservation Professionals (AECP) and the Jacksonville Center for the Arts. SLEC was located on the grounds of the Jacksonville Center and in the office of AECP in Floyd, Virginia.

The purpose of SLEC was to provide interactive demonstrations, exhibits, and working systems that showcase the importance of sustainable living as a means to protect our natural environment, enhance environmentally friendly building and design, and to secure a clean, safe, and affordable energy future.

The main premise of SLEC lies in the belief that interactive, hands-on involvement is the best form of education and that effective education is the key to a more sustainable society.

SLEC was comprised of a two-room education center that housed various educational exhibits and displays, a 1000 watt Bergey wind generator, a 600 watts solar PV, a small rainwater collection system, and a straw bale structure. Part of the solar array was net-metered and part of it was off grid. These exhibits and working systems provided hands-on information to the general public on a wide variety of sustainable issues, concepts, and technology to include energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, water conservation, recycling, home energy performance, global warming, weatherization, sustainable forestry and agriculture, alternative fueled vehicles, fuel cells, energy efficient lighting and much more.

In January of 2015 AECP relocated its office and as part of a broader strategy to downsize its operation dismantled SLEC and turned over ownership of the wind turbine and solar PV system to the Jacksonville Center who are continuing to utilize these systems to produce clean and renewable energy for the building that once contained the SLEC education center and AECP office.

Several hundred people visited SLEC during its operation and many were educated about a variety of sustainable issues. Many referrals were made, educational literature distributed, engaging conversations held, and a definite impact was made.


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Educational exhibits


SLEC building

Working Systems