We exist to provide, promote, and advocate energy conservation.

  • The key to achieving energy savings in a home is to approach the house as a system with interdependent parts.
  • There are three main parts – the shell of the house, the mechanical systems in the house, and the people who live in the house.
  • If you install a high efficiency heating system but fail to fix the leaky ducts then the furnace will not operate at its full efficiency. If you fix the ducts but still have a house that is not properly insulated then you still will not be able to operate at full efficiency. Or if a member of the household is keeping the thermostat up much too high – then even insulation, a sealed duct system and an efficient furnace will not give you the savings that you could be having.
  • So the house is a system with interactive parts that must be working together to maximize full energy savings potential.
  • Consider having a whole house energy audit performed by a professional energy auditor. This type of audit will identify those parts of the system that need repair and/or replacement. The cost of an audit is well worth the potential energy savings that can be obtained.