We exist to provide, promote, and advocate energy conservation.

  • Appliances account for about 20% of your household’s energy consumption.
  • If you are shopping for new appliances – purchase Energy Star labeled appliances. These represent the most energy efficient on the market as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.
  • Always examine the Energy Guide label found on new appliances. This will allow you to compare estimated energy consumption and estimated operating cost.
  • Don’t keep your refrigerator too cold. Recommended temperatures are 37 to 40 degrees and 5 degrees for the freezer section.
  • Make sure your refrigerator door seals are airtight.
  • Keep the condenser coils clean. Your refrigerator will run for shorter periods with clean coils.
  • Use gas ovens that have automatic electric ignition systems. An electric ignition saves gas because a pilot light is not burning continuously.
  • Be sure that your dishwasher is full but not overloaded when in use.
  • Energy Star dishwashers use less energy and less water.