We exist to provide, promote, and advocate energy conservation.

AECP held its 7th annual Green Living and Energy Expo at the Roanoke Civic Center on December 1 and 2, 2006. Almost 1500 people attended and as always admission is free.

There were 50 exhibits and several workshops covering a wide variety of topics including energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, and sustainability.

Workshops included Green Building, Green Sanctuaries, Peak Oil, Green and Living Roofs, The House of Pressure, Sustainable Forestry and Products, and Green Products and the Environment.

AECP is a non-profit energy education and advocacy organization that believes a better-educated general population is the solution to a more secure, independent, clean, and energy future. People have the power to make better decisions and smarter choices in their home, business, and lifestyle that will save money, save energy, save on our natural resources, and help preserve the environment. Fuel prices are rising steadily, the environment continues to be at risk from unnecessary energy production and use, and the threat of global warming is increasing daily. The Green Living and Energy Expo is an opportunity for professionals, homeowners, consumers, and students to be inspired, informed, and enabled about important issues that can change their lives and the lives of others.


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  1. Sav-Elec, Inc.
  2. SW VA Chapter USGBC
  3. VA Dept. of Environmental Quality
  4. Aaron Doyle- Eco-Broker
  5. Nelligan Insulation
  6. Waterfurnace International
  7. PA Solar
  8. Sustainable Woods
  9. Master Naturalists
  10. VT College of Arch. And Urban Studies
  11. Conservation Strategies
  12. Sierra Club
  13. Chesapeake Climate Action Network
  14. Rainwater Systems
  15. Energy Mgmt. Services
  16. CHPC Energy Services
  17. New River Center for Energy Research and Training
  18. Friends of the Blue Ridge parkway
  19. Architecture Alternatives
  20. Community Design Studio
  21. Thaxton Elementary NEED Program
  22. Sustainable Transportation Options
  23. VT College of Architecture and Urban Studies – Solar House
  24. Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative
  25. Krull and Co. – Green Investing
  26. Eco Solution
  27. Shelter Alternatives
  28. Green Label Organic; Sustainable Threads
  29. Sustainable Living Education Center
  30. Blower Door and Duct Diagnostic exhibit
  31. Applegate Insulation
  32. VT Hybrid Electric Vehicle team
  33. Virginia Sustainable Building Network
  34. Clean Valley Council
  35. Spirituality and Ecology
  36. Virginia Soybean Association
  37. Lynchburg Grows
  38. Seven Springs Farm
  39. Western Va Water Authority
  40. Table for HSMM
  41. Solar Connexion
  42. Western VA Land Trust
  43. C2C Home, Inc.
  44. Auz-Bloc, LLC
  45. Community Solutions
  46. Total Action Against Poverty
  47. Outside Heating, Inc.
  48. Tinbenders Inc.
  49. Hotel Floyd
  50. Oesch Environmental Design
  51. Ancient Hills Cottage Builders
  52. Off the Grid Energy Works
  53. Omega Health
  54. Virginia Climate Initiative